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Austrade CEO Dr Stephanie Fahey’s 3 tips for scaling your business overseas

Make a plan, identify the resources you need and create a story for business for your customers to connect with, says Austrade CEO Dr Stephanie Fahey.


Got a burning desire to sell your business to the big, wide world?

Dr Stephanie Fahey, CEO of Austrade and a nominee for Kochie’s Business Builder’s Power List  shares her three biggest tips for success:

  1. When you structure your company, structure as though you can take on the world. Develop a company that can scale.
  2. When you are going to scale you need to have a plan and be prepared – think through your resources.
  3. You need a story: Customers connect to the story than just the company so if you have a unique origin story for your company you need to get out there and tell it.

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