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What’s your marketing superpower?

- April 21, 2015 3 MIN READ

Every soloist has a marketing superpower – even if they haven’t tapped into it yet. This quick checklist will help you identify some of yours and put them to work.

Many soloists find marketing hard work, often because they lack confidence in their decisions or skills.

But in reality, pushing yourself to engage in marketing activity you’re not comfortable with or not good at is demoralising and defeating. Luckily, there are so many ways to skin the marketing cat; what if you were able to identify your own, personal marketing superpowers? Chances are your marketing efforts would suddenly become both more effective and more enjoyable.

Here are some common soloist superpowers I see in my clients every day. You can mix and match, or put all your energy into the one that appeals the most.

You’re an introvert

Congratulations! Your marketing superpower is an unrivalled capacity for deep thought and introspection. Don’t pressure yourself to be in your clients’ faces every day of the week; instead make the best use of your superpower by putting pen to paper to capture your insights. These tend to lend themselves nicely to longer than usual blog posts, or a series of articles or emails.

Hint: If creating that type of material feels too exposing, think of a specific reader who can really benefit from what you have to say, and write for them, rather than for the whole world. (And remember, your email newsletter is an intimate form of one-on-one communication, not a broadcast to the entirety of the interwebs).

You’re an extrovert

Woohooo! Your marketing superpower is a natural flair for engaging with others. Put it to work by embracing face-to-face and online networking, and taking every opportunity you can to talk to people in large groups, whether you’re mingling in the crowd or giving a presentation from the podium.

Hint: Always prioritise the relationship over the sale. If your genuine intention is to develop meaningful connections with people, this type of marketing will suit you well, however it does tend to be a long-term proposition. Be aware of your networking agenda, and don’t try to rush things or you may alienate prospective clients.

You’re analytical

Fixated on facts and figures? Fantastic! Your marketing superpower is the capacity to observe what’s working and what’s not, and shift your course accordingly. Take the time to dive deep into the stats behind your website, email newsletter, Google AdWords or social media accounts, and correlate them with your sales results to help you continuously tweak your marketing for better and better outcomes.

Hint: Data is of no use to you unless you act on it. Keep your marketing objectives front and centre at all times to ensure you don’t get so caught up in the statistics that you develop analysis paralysis. (And if taking the time to tell stories and share your opinions feels like dribble to you, use infographics to share useful and actionable info with your clients).

You’re empathic

Do you feel emotionally connected to your clients and what they’re going through? That’s excellent news, because it means you’re also likely to know exactly what to say to help them feel heard and understood. Tap into this superpower by addressing the warm and fuzzy aspects of how you can help in your blog posts and social media, and also weave your insights into your website copy at every opportunity, using your empathy to identify and address any stumbling blocks that may hold prospective clients back from doing business with you.

Hint: Balancing the emotion in your messaging with a few juicy stats or info-bites that the mind can sink its hooks into helps prospective clients justify the decision to do business with you as a rational one, even if it’s actually based on instinct or emotion.


The above are just a few of the many marketing superpowers that soloists have at their disposal. What’s your superpower, and how do you use it? Please share your answers in the comments.