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What do you do when confronted with a perfect fit for your services and yet there’s no indication you’re needed or wanted? The answer is: speak up.


As our inboxes, letterboxes, walls and feeds become cluttered with sales pitches, it’s harder to stand out and develop a cut-through connection. Yet as soloists we have two immensely powerful and under-utilised tools: our heart and our voice.

How often have you found yourself thinking, “Wow, I could do so much to improve this person’s situation?” You may be a life coach who recognises a lack of motivation; a business consultant who sees a glaring tactical omission; a designer who sees a wasted opportunity, or a financial advisor who sees a way to improve wealth and prosperity.

These instances frequently crop up in face-to-face encounters and increasingly present themselves in online discussions and other channels.

I remember reading a news story some time ago about a young fabric designer who was creating great work yet struggling to draw a decent wage. I immediately saw where a particular improvement could be made and feeling so strongly that my knowledge would help, I tracked her down, rang her up and told her.

"How often have you found yourself thinking, 'Wow, I could do so much to improve this person’s situation?' "

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My drive wasn’t chasing business; I was propelled by a desire to help.

As it turned out, our relationship grew and for over five years Rachael was one of my best referrers and became a client of my coaching business alongside a good many other people I’d approached in a similar way.

Next time the voice in your head is saying what you feel in your heart, let it out and give a helping hand. Don’t hesitate. You may not immediately win a client, but chances are you’ll gain a friend and, as they say, what goes around comes around.

Has speaking up like this worked for you? Er, speak up and share your story.

Robert Gerrish

is the founder of Flying Solo and helps soloists stay upbeat and energised. He’s recently published The 1-Minute Commute, is a presenter and facilitator and works one-on-one with those needing a refresh. Find out more about his skills and services and his Olympus Trip 35 camera side hustle or connect on LinkedIn.


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