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How to be the podcast guest everyone wants on their show

- December 20, 2021 3 MIN READ

In the last three years, podcasting has seen more growth than any other form of media. In April 2018, Variety said there were over 500,000 podcasts in the world. That’s now grown to over 2 million podcasts and as of April 2021, over 48 million episodes had gone to air, writes marketing and partnerships coach, Katrina McCarter.

Why do we love them so much? They’re perfect for multitasking women in business, who listen in the car, while exercising, doing the laundry, on the train to work. Loren Bartley, co-host and producer of the #BusinessAddicts podcast, believes their cut through comes from giving people quick, actionable tips on their chosen topics on demand, and access to advisers or experts they otherwise might not have had.

In 2018 I launched the world’s first podcast for marketing professionals wanting to better understand how to improve their marketing to mothers and in late 2021 I kicked off my new series, Marketing with No Money. After also appearing on more than 30 podcasts as a guest, I’ve developed my blueprint on what makes you fly or die.

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Here are my tips on how to nail it before the show kicks off:

1.Listen to two full episodes. This will give you a feel for the host’s style so you can match it. Note if the show uses any consistent segments or asks every guest one question each week, something like the desert island records question or three people you’d invite to dinner. You want to be able to play along.

2. Prepare three evergreen stories you can rattle off at any time. Make them personal and with a point that supports what you’re talking about on the podcast. Good guests have anecdotes, not answers. And if you’ve been asked on the show it’s because the host knows your value—you don’t need to talk yourself up too much.

3. Read any reviews of the podcast So you know what the audience likes or doesn’t like and who the typical listener is. You’ll be a more relevant guest if you get the audience’s motivations for listening.

4. Think about meeting the host before the recording, for a 15-minute virtual icebreaker where you can raise any topics that you do or don’t want to talk about.

My own preparation also includes sending potential podcast hosts my podcast flyers. They include my proposed theme, bio, links and suggested topics and quetions. A podcast flyer lets you control the conversation. Podcast hosts love it as it saves them valuable research time. It can mean selecting you over someone else.

I recommend having one in your business toolbox. It means you go into the conversation feeling confident that you have the basics right and can then put your creative energies on the day into tailoring what you say according to the host’s specific style.

These days I work with many of my clients to create their podcast flyers. I also research and select the best podcasts to get them in front of their ideal clients and customers so their message lands where it should.

Podcasts present a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with an engaged audience. Brands can connect with potential or existing customers in an uncluttered and uninterrupted way that has none of the distractions of other advertising mediums. And you can learn more ways to grow your business without a marketing budget on my Marketing with No Money podcast.

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