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Projecting the right business image online

- January 10, 2010 2 MIN READ

A very popular area of the Flying Solo online forums is where members invite feedback to a new business concept, website or logo. Those responding with business feedback don’t mince their words and that’s half the magic. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Even if you lurk on the sidelines reading and choose not to dive into the Flying Solo forums discussions, there are so many gems to discover within the many thousands of posts.

Here’s my summary of do’s and don’ts when it comes to projecting the right business image in the forums:

1. Be clear about what you do

Pretty obvious, but it’s amazing how we often tie ourselves in knots when all that’s needed is straightforward language that talks in terms of benefits to the customer.

A prospect wants to know how you’ll make their life easier. A little later they’ll need to know how you do what you do; what you charge and what makes you so good.

2. Big claims can backfire

Everyone loves a winner, but no amount of smoke and mirrors will conceal a fake.

Balance any trumpet blowing, with testimonials and tangible results and preferably not from your own pen.

Keep it real and remember that generally people choose to work with people they like.

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3. Be open to professional advice

From design, writing and photography to marketing strategy, search engine optimisation and financial advice, nothing is as good as the real deal. The right advice is an investment in your business and can deliver great returns.

As you’ll see in the forums, help is never far away and you’ll be amazed at what support is offered freely.

4. Make it easy for prospects to become customers

Whether it’s how clearly you place a ‘buy’ or ‘contact’ button on your site, the email address you have on your business card, or the phone number on your office window, it’s quite astonishing how frequently we make it hard for others to get into business with us.

Are you making it easy?

So how do you fare on projecting the right business image online? Share you thoughts below, or be brave and dive into the forum discussions.