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Creating marketing messages that resonate as we transition out of lockdown

- October 8, 2021 4 MIN READ
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As I write this, there’s a palpable air of excitement here in Sydney as we prepare for opening up after our latest loooong Covid lockdown. At the same time, we can hear the groans from our Victorian friends who STILL can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, writes Jayne Tancred.

Meanwhile, folk in other states have completely different feelings about the whole extravaganza, ranging from fear that it could be their turn for lockdown next to a desperate desire to see family, friends or customers from interstate.

With so many people going through so many vastly different experiences – all of them highly emotionally charged and liable to change at a moment’s notice – it’s never been more important to get your marketing messaging and sales offer right.

That’s especially the case if you want to be poised to reap the benefits of the expected economic rebound as NSW starts to reopen and other states hopefully follow in the weeks and months to come.

Start working on your marketing messaging and offers now

If you haven’t already started thinking about your post-lockdown marketing and sales offers, now is the time to do it.

Be mindful that unless your customer base is a local one, your messaging may need to vary for different geographical locations.

For example, you may want to segment your email database by region, sending different messages to people in different states.

Similarly, this could be the perfect time to experiment with different regional audiences in your social media advertising, making sure that you target your messaging appropriately for each of them.

Tap into people’s emotional desires with your marketing

Although everyone’s experience during the Covid era is unique, one thing we have in common is that we’re all emotional beings – so the marketing messages that resonate with us most are those that tap into the emotions we’re currently feeling and the emotions we crave.

If you know which emotions are top of mind for your audience now and are likely to be in coming months, you’ll be able to weave them into your messaging so that it really hits its mark. (This is why I always say that having a strong sense of empathy is a marketing superpower!)

Here are the emotional desires that I sense are likely to predominate over the coming weeks and months as different parts of the country start to re-open, plus some questions to prompt your marketing brainstorming.

A desire for safety

While some people are excited that Covid lockdowns are ending, others are petrified about what it might mean for their own or others’ wellbeing, and many more fall somewhere in between.

How can you create marketing that shows your customers that their safety is your priority?

The release of built-up tension

Lockdown is hard, and it gets harder the longer it goes on. Unsurprisingly, many people’s overwhelming desire when it ends will be to participate in activities that help them release built-up tension.

For some that will mean indulging in luxuries like a massage or a fine dining experience, while others will be more adrenaline- and adventure-focussed or will look to let loose in other ways.

How will your particular audience get their tension breaker, and how can you help them experience the release they’re craving?

The search for certainty

We’ve all heard the phrase “uncertain times” way too often over the last couple of years. But the reason it’s repeated so much is that we all like the confidence that comes with knowing what’s what.

Given that none of us can be certain about anything right now, how can you build flexibility and reassurance into your marketing offers so that people can be confident that they’ll get what they’re paying for?

A craving for connection

More than anything else, people are longing for the chance to get together in person with those they love and miss, so anything you can do to facilitate and celebrate that connection is right on the money.

At the same time, bear in mind that there’ll be a sizable group of people who’ll be hesitant about getting out there or who need to stay isolated to protect their wellbeing, so featuring a spirit of inclusiveness might be a priority for you too.

The rush to make up for lost time

And finally, there’s an overwhelming desire afoot to make up for lost time. As mentioned above, this is partly about catching up with loved ones after such a long time apart, but it’s more widespread than that too.

Think about the parents who are concerned that their children have fallen behind at school, the people whose fitness levels have dropped as they spent more time on the couch, and the multitude of businesses who’ve been left with depleted finances or a glut of unsold stock.

Plus, if the international experience is anything to go by, there are also likely to be many MANY people who’ve realised over Covid that they can’t go on working the way they have been and that it’s time to make changes.

How can your marketing and sales offers tap into this collective desire to move forward in leaps and bounds after such a long period of treading water or sliding backwards?

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