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5 things you need to know about LinkedIn pages for your business

- June 16, 2021 5 MIN READ
LinkedIn pages are agreat way to promote your business

A LinkedIn Company Page acts as the voice of your organisation on LinkedIn. It helps members learn more about your business or school, brand, products and services, and job opportunities writes Karen Hollenbach founder of Think Bespoke

To interact with members on LinkedIn as an organisation, you must have a LinkedIn Page. LinkedIn members with free LinkedIn membership can create a LinkedIn Page for your organisation at no cost.

5 things you need to know about LinkedIn pages

1. Building a Community with LinkedIn Company Pages

The LinkedIn Company Page is a platform for your organisation to post industry updates, job opportunities and information about life at your organisation. It’s also your opportunity to build community by providing valuable and relevant content that positions your organisation as the go to in your industry.

Pages can be used by both members and admins when signed in to on desktop and mobile devices. A Page offers a high-level summary of your organisation along with basic information such as specialties, size, website URL, industry, and more.

You can create a LinkedIn Page to claim your real estate and company page URL on LinkedIn. This will ensure employees can list your organisation in the current experience section of their LinkedIn profiles. In this way your LinkedIn Page acts as a directory and ensures your organisation’s logo is featured on your team’s profiles.

If your professional community spends time on LinkedIn, we recommend you develop a LinkedIn Page strategy to help you attract, acquire and engage potential clients and advocates.

LinkedIn members can explore organisations they’re interested in, get the latest updates, and learn about new job opportunities. When following an organisation’s LinkedIn Page, their updates will populate in your homepage news feed and may include:

  • Updates on topics ranging from announcements to product releases and industry news
  • Friends and colleagues who are connected to the organisation
  • Members who attended the school and what they’re up to now
  • Affiliated pages that showcase various aspects of the business or related organisations
  • Job opportunities with the organisation
  • A personalised look into an organisation’s culture (if they’ve opted for a Life tab)
  • Information specific to their alumni through the Alumni section, such as location, skills, degree, and occupation (Pages for universities)
  • Sponsored Content posted by the organisation that has been shown to at least one member in the past 6 months
  • Additional insights (Premium members)

2. Optimise the LinkedIn Company Page

As a LinkedIn Company Page Super Admin, the completion meter guides you to complete unfinished key sections of your Page to improve your organisation’s presence on LinkedIn.

The completion meter is located at the top of your incomplete Page’s Super Admin View. LinkedIn recommends you consider the following information when using all components of the completion meter on your Page.

  • Meter – as Page sections are completed, the meter reflects your progress and will enter a hidden state when all sections are completed. If information is removed from a previously completed section, the meter will reappear.
  • Action cards – clearly identifies incomplete Page sections are presented under the meter. Each card displays the section that’s missing, the benefit of completing the section, and a call-to-action button that takes you directly to the Page Edit module. Action cards include:
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Website URL
  • Description
  • Logo
  • Street Address
  • Custom button
  • Your first post
  • Hashtags

To scroll through the action card, click the Previous and Next icons.

3. Share Updates on Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Page updates allow Page super and content admins to directly engage with viewers and followers of their Page. As a super or content admin, you can post and share information like organisation news, promotions, relevant industry articles, member updates that mention your organisation, videos, and employee recognition. A variety of formats are supported including text and a link to a website, image, document, YouTube video, or video file saved on your computer.

A linkedin page is great to promote your business

A Linkedin Company Page is a great place to showcase your business

When you post or re-share an update, it becomes visible to all LinkedIn members from the Updates feed of your LinkedIn Page. Followers of your Page will also see your update in their LinkedIn feed where they can comment on, react to, or share it.

Once a member takes one of the actions, their network will also see the update on their homepage feed. As a Page super or content admin, you can view your update notifications and engagement at any time.

As a LinkedIn Page Super or Content Admin, you can react, comment, or share activity on your LinkedIn Page as either the organisation or yourself.

4. Boost LinkedIn Company Page Updates

Boosting updates is a form of LinkedIn Advertising and a paid feature. We do not recommend you invest in this feature until you’ve developed a LinkedIn Company Page strategy based on your commercial goals, your ideal clients and your focus for LinkedIn. The boost option may be relevant once you have a deeper understanding of your Page analytics and have developed a clear profile of your offer and the LinkedIn members you wish to target and influence.

To boost a Page update directly from your Updates feed or Update analytics section, you must be a super or content admin. Sponsored Content poster admins can sponsor Page updates through Campaign Manager.

There are currently two ways to boost a LinkedIn Company Page update:

1. Boost from your Updates feed:

  • Access your Page Super or Content admin view.
  • Create and post an update to your Page.
  • Click the Boost button above the update in your Page feed.
  • Complete the Boost post details.
  • Click the Boost button.

2. Boost from your Update analytics section:

  • Access your Page Super or Content admin view.
  • Click the Analytics tab at the top of your admin view.
  • Select Updates from the dropdown.
  • Locate the update in the Update engagement section and click Boost.
  • Complete the Boost post details.
  • Click the Boost button.

Note: LinkedIn advises that a boosted update that’s edited will need to go through the ad review process again. Once it’s approved, the ad status will change from paused to active.

5. Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

As a super or content admin on your LinkedIn Company Page, you can grow your follower base by inviting your 1st-degree connections to follow your Page. Here’s how to send your connections an invite to follow the Page.

  • Access your Page Super or Content admin view.
  • Click the Admin tools dropdown at the top of the Page and select Invite connections.
  • Select connections from the populated list or search for them using the Search for connections… field.
  • Connections that’ve been successfully invited or those who are already following your Page will be automatically filtered out.
  • Click Invite connection(s). Your connections will receive an invitation notification. If an error appears, you may have reached your invitation limit.

Please note, LinkedIn advises that:

  • Pages with less than 100,000 followers can invite members to follow via the Invite Connections To Follow module on the right side on your Page. The module won’t display if an admin has closed it or there are less than three connections left to invite.
  • Members can opt out of receiving any Page invitations through their Network settings.

LinkedIn Help Resources

LinkedIn recommends you review their best practices before creating a Page. To begin the process of adding a Page, you’ll need to set up a LinkedIn profile. After creating a profile or if you already have one, follow the steps for creating a Page.

LinkedIn Pages FAQs

LinkedIn Page Analytics

LinkedIn Showcase Page

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Source: LinkedIn Help

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