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5 top social media secrets you need to know for 2023

- January 23, 2023 3 MIN READ
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Returning to a work mindset can be difficult after a festive brain break. Ideally, you would have already mapped out your social media strategy for 2023 at the end of last year, but if you’ve been putting it off because you were too busy, or you’ve been in holiday mode, here are my five top tips to kick off your 2023 social media strategy, writes social media expert, Emily-Rose Hills.

1. Conduct a social media audit

A social media audit is a process of objectively evaluating and analysing your current social media strategies and goals and creating strategies to improve your presence online. This process allows you to identify what you’re doing well, what type of content your audience responds to, and what could be improved upon to increase your social media reach and engagement.

It’s recommended to take stock of your social accounts at least once a quarter. If you’re not confident in your abilities to be objective or find yourself struggling to understand the metrics, booking a session with an independent social media coach will be hugely beneficial.

2. Get ahead

January is typically a laid-back period, as many people are still in vacation mode until school commences. It’s a great opportunity to get ahead with content, map out upcoming holidays like Valentine’s and Easter, and create strategies for upcoming campaigns.

Batching content can save time; create custom visuals or videos in advance and pre-schedule them so that when life gets busy, you’ll still have content being published.

3. Refresh your editable templates

It’s essential to keep your content fresh and the new year is a great time to kick off a new eye-catching Instagram theme. Using the same artwork can make your feed stale and look dated. Do some research on what kind of artwork, images and videos on what people are responding to. If you already have a range of editable templates in Canva, consider refreshing them.

Trending for 2023 is custom illustrations. Think 3D illustrations inspired by AI and sci-fi typography, neon colours to draw on the fondness for nostalgia, and graphic effects that look like glitches. Use these to breathe life into graphics, statistics, video and Reel covers.

Use short-form video content to engage your customers

4. Brainstorm a repeating 9:16 video format

Brainstorm several ideas for video content that uses Netflix’s binge-watching model. By this, I mean a continuing series that hooks the viewer in and leaves your audience wanting more. For example, if you’re a builder by trade, you could document the renovation of a home from concept to completion. Mind or life coaches could provide a daily life hack to happiness.

The best way to brainstorm is to grab a pen and a piece of paper, or open a Word document and jot down everything that comes into your mind. No idea is too silly. Then you can go back through your list of video ideas and find one that’s easy to film and will resonate with your unique followers.

The reason you’ll want to choose a 9:16 ratio aspect (tall video) is that 75 per cent of video content is viewed on a smartphone. It makes more sense to fill up the full screen, so users don’t have to flip their phones sideways and squint to see details.

5. Dedicate one hour a day to community management

Keeping your customers engaged by interacting with them and responding to their needs is key to building customer loyalty. I encourage you to dedicate one hour a day to answering customer questions, responding to comments and reviews, and even commenting on other creators’ pages. It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason.

71 per cent of people who had a good experience with a brand on social networks are likely to suggest your brand to their friends and family, highlighting the importance of forging relationships with your audience.

Community management can be a full-time job by itself, so by capping the time you dedicate to interacting with your audience to an hour, you’re not going to get too overwhelmed.

This article was first published on Kochie’s Business Builders, read the original here.

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