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Getting targeted web traffic

- December 5, 2005 2 MIN READ

So your business website is up and running. But is anyone visiting it? Here are some tips to drive the right kind of traffic to your site.

Your website can help establish your solo business, particularly when you focus on drawing targeted web traffic. It can also be a cost effective public relations tool for your business.

Your site can help you attract prospective clients who may not hear about you otherwise and can increase sales without adding overhead.

But to get these benefits you need to promote your website. Don’t just launch your site and then wait for business to come knocking at the door – it may not turn up.

One of the first things you need to do is look at who your ideal customer or client is and who you want to attract to your site. It is important to know your audience so you can target your public relations campaign to them. Send out a media release to attract interest to your site through the appropriate media. Is it a business magazine or a women’s weekly? Perhaps the ideal avenue for you is your local newspaper. Of course just issuing a media release doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a run so let’s consider a few other points.

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  • Put your web address on all your communication collateral such as brochures, newsletters and on business cards, postcards, flyers about your products, catalogues and posters;
  • Include it on letterhead, fax cover sheets and invoices;
  • Add it on stickers used for mail outs, packaging and products;
  • Don’t forget to include it on promotional products such as pens, caps, coffee mugs, fridge magnets, t-shirts or uniforms and key rings;
  • Mention your site in your voicemail messages or your on-hold message service;
  • Plug it during radio or TV interviews and speaking engagements;
  • At meetings suggest to clients they can find out more information about your company by visiting the site;
  • Put it on all media releases;
  • Include it in all your advertising – print, TV and radio;
  • Paint it on the company car or van;
  • List it in Yellow Pages, White Pages and other business directories;
  • All your email signatures.

Think back to your target audience and include your website address anywhere a potential customer is likely to see it.

Don’t forget to let existing clients know your site is up and running. Use direct mail, send them a note – a good reason to communicate with them – or send them an e-newsletter with the latest news. Or perhaps use in-store posters to announce the site launch to your existing customer base. Consider running ads in the local paper or business magazines if that is where you attract your customers.

In short, keep doing what you’re doing to attract clients or customers to your business but add your website address to the mix.

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