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- February 27, 2006 2 MIN READ

You may know how to look for a business via a search engine, but do you understand how to generate your own flow of website visitors and encourage them to visit again and again?

Search engines and their role in generating website traffic can be a bit of a maze to the uninitiated. Just registering with them does not guarantee you large numbers of visitors or hits.

Also just because you have a lot of hits on your site doesn’t necessarily mean they are your ideal target market.

Most search engine traffic comes from Google and Yahoo! By using a combination of these search engines and using the right words and phrases on your site you would optimise your chances of being found. You don’t need to spend a great deal of money as some sites don’t charge at all and others charge a nominal yearly fee. Again it pays to seek advice from your web expert.

Of course once you have attracted visitors, it pays to have them come back to your site. Here are ways to encourage those all important repeat visits

    • Keep your site interesting. Commit to updating on a regular basis
    • Optimise. Again talk to your web expert on this one but make sure your site is user friendly so visitors don’t log out because it’s too hard to find the information they want
    • Portray a professional image. Ensure consistency of your web design with your other marketing materials and don’t forget to include your logo.
    • Present interactive features that keep visitors returning, perhaps a competition or an on-line survey. And don’t forget freebies. You must give your visitors something of value such as articles or fact sheets.
    • Send out regular ezines or e-newsletters to your database that offers tips and information and a link back to the site.
    • Post articles on other websites with links back to your site
    • Explore online advertising or sponsorship on another busy website.
    • One of the most effective PR tools to drive customers to your website is through link exchanges with sites of similar interest. Locate sites that make a good match to your own and contact the owner to ask if they’ll link to your site in exchange for you linking to theirs.

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Like any public relations campaign, attracting visitors and potential clients to your website will take hard work, creativity, perseverance and commitment over an extended period of time. But don’t let your website just sit there – make it work for you so you can allow your expertise to shine.

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