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How a simple quiz can boost your leads and gain you valuable data

- June 27, 2022 3 MIN READ
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Looking for new ways to get your business to stand out without spending huge amounts of money on marketing and advertising? Marketing and partnerships coach, Katrina McCarter, shares how implementing a simple quiz can help your business grow.

Question: What does your business need now?

Answer: A quiz

Traditional methods of generating interest and leads, like cold-calling and unopened emails, don’t work anymore. Even the digital marketplace is crowded now so it’s difficult to stand out. The answer? A quiz.

Introducing them is the biggest change I’m making to my all businesses in 2022.

What that means is I’m using lead generation technology to develop questionnaires which let me capture lots of data and email addresses of people taking the quiz.

More importantly, it lets me give them valuable data at no charge.

It’s a fantastic way of marketing with no money, with a strong exchange of value. I believe quizzes are the next frontier in building your email list and creating relationships with prospective clients. They’re fun, shareable and convert really well.

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How does a quiz work to build your business?

A quiz works by helping you overcome one of the greatest challenges for any business wanting to scale up: identifying potentially valuable clients and approaching them with a relevant, meaningful offering.

Quizzes attract attention by giving a target audience something relevant and interesting. They engage with your business, which starts a conversation and automatically qualifies prospects. Before you speak with someone, you know their value, so you can focus your time on those who are high value.

Using lead generation technology from companies like ScoreApp and Interact, you create your own online scorecard. Prospective clients answer a set of questions that you write, and an automated report is generated based on how they answered.

You give advice and recommendations in an automated way. People love taking the quizzes because they learn something of value about themselves or their business. If it’s done well, the scorecard is the lead magnet.

In return, you learn all about them.

Quizzes are great at capturing leads because the ‘two-way street’ nature is interactive and gratifies the respondent. Then they’re more likely to share their result, which defines them, projects a certain image and establishes connections.

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How to build and use a quiz

You’ve probably done a quiz on social media: which Game of Thrones character you are, maybe. Silly stuff, but that’s why people react fast to this type of content and you can rocket your visibility – the average quiz is shared 1,900 times, according to BuzzSumo.

So how do you build them?

The best advice is to make them narrow and relevant. Have your target audience front of mind and make sure the content responds to their needs. Make them evergreen. Come up with a question which will still be relevant in two years.

For instance, if I was collecting information about mothers’ spending habits, I could ask: ‘What is the best baby product you ever bought?’ Simple. And everyone has an opinion.

Where and how do you use quizzes?

At the end or in the middle of content, direct your readers, watchers or listeners to your scorecard/quiz. If they do, it signals their interest in working with you. You’ve appealed to their desire to know more about how the topic relates to them.

Let’s see that in action: to discover which marketing with no money strategies are best for your business, take my two-minute scorecard.

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