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How to drive hot new leads with email marketing

- October 28, 2021 4 MIN READ

One of the biggest pain points for startups revolves around growing their market. Whether those roadblocks involve customer acquisition, global marketing, or securing investment funding, ensuring a sustainable future requires adapting and implementing strategic thinking to grow as a business, writes Nahla Davies

This can be scary in the beginning for new business owners. All you see is your lack of leads and your impeccable products and services that you’d like to offer, but don’t know who to tell.

Cold email marketing campaigns can address these issues by increasing interest and targeting the right audience. So, let’s look at some strategies to make your cold emailing as effective and personal as possible. 

Why does having a cold email marketing strategy matter?

Email lead generation consists of collecting leads through an opt-in form. You collect information about the prospects, like their names and addresses, and promise to reach out later. But gaining leads is only the first step. In order to make your leads worthwhile, you must nurture them into becoming a loyal following.

When employed correctly, cold email marketing can accomplish the following:

  • Gains new customers
  • Increases sales
  • Lands new investors
  • Pushes press releases
  • Networks with influencers
  • Relationship-builds with partners

The need for lead generation has certainly never been a question. However, for startup founders, finding the most efficient way to bring in traffic both quickly and affordably can drain time and resources you do not have. 

Modern marketers are realizing the biggest reason why having a sound email marketing strategy matters: time. There is simply no denying it – email marketing saves hours and hours of outreach time. The internet never sleeps, even when we do – and you can be marketing internationally all that time with automated email solutions. 

A common misconception is that automation must mean that cold email marketing is just that – cold. It couldn’t possibly be personable, could it? Wrong. Personalization can be built into your email marketing strategy, as well as data testing to ensure you’re keeping up with the needs and nuances of your audience.

There are templates available online to help you get started. And in addition to email templates, hiring a freelance writer to help write your emails for you is a great option to bring your email marketing plan to the next level. You can expect to pay at least $25 an hour for a quality freelance writer in the US, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find one with digital marketing expertise. 

How can you identify and reach out to new prospects?

If you work in sales, you know prospecting is not an easy process. In fact, 42% of sales reps consider it to be one of the hardest parts of the sales process. To make things easier, here are some tips to nail down your prospecting strategy:

Come up with an ideal customer profile

Take some time to find out who is your ideal customer. Start by making a list. Who are your top five customers? Who are your least profitable and most profitable? Create a persona for each of these groups. 

And once you have a general idea of your target demographics, you can use data gathered from other sources, such as your web traffic and social media engagement, to harness marketing analytics to better understand the needs of each of your target groups. This information can be used in your email copy so even cold emails marketing feels like personal attention.    

Pinpoint ways to meet your ideal customer

How did you meet your most profitable customers? Was it through a referral, seminar, or trade show? Asking yourself this will help you determine the best places to go to meet high earners. 

Once you know, you can determine, for example, what type of digital events will help you reach out to your ideal customer. Consider hosting an event and inviting prospects via email rather than going straight for a sale. This will help you map out a plan to get in contact with your ideal consumers online without being too salesy.

Expand your social media presence

The next step is to find out where your ideal prospects hang out when it comes to social media and other digital publications. Then, you can build a strong presence on these platforms to get to know your prospect and warm up your approach with mutual connections.

Seek and display referrals

The best kind of marketing is free marketing, and that’s why we love happy customers that spread the word. Both individual customers and B2B buyers are still influenced by word of mouth, even if that interaction happens digitally. It’s basic human psychology that we feel more comfortable going with an option that has been recommended by someone we trust. 

Once you develop a network, you can tap into it to ask for reviews from customers, referrals from industry partners, etc. Incorporate this social proof into your email marketing, and watch the reply rates increase. 

Back up your claims with a more digestible medium 

Simply put, bland, text-based email ads will not be enough to gain your prospects’ interest. Just as you might consider incorporating a podcast or blog to add value to your website, so too should you diversify your email marketing content.

For example, adding a video into your email can greatly increase the read rates. It gets prospects engaged and puts a face and a voice to a traditionally text-based marketing strategy. Hint: this can be a good place to incorporate the reviews and referrals discussed above. 

Quality, fresh content is an important way to turn ads into sales because then your email goes from being a nuisance to being of value. In addition, your content should:

  • Be specific and concise
  • Have a call to action
  • Initiate relationship-building without focusing too much on the sale
  • Speak to the recipient’s identity, problems, and needs
  • Be highly personalized

With these tactics, you can use emails as a form of social selling with personalized content. Also, be sure not to overwhelm your prospects with too many emails. You want to peak their interest, not inundate them. 


The most constructive cold emails are quick, persuasive, and extremely targeted. The most important thing is to show the prospective client how your service or product solves their specific pain point. Cold email marketing empowers startups to foster credibility and trust through reviews, social proof, and engaging content to turn prospects into customers.

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