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How to turn Facebook Likers into leads

- August 28, 2013 4 MIN READ

Frustrated by a Facebook page that’s ‘all talk and no action’? Try these Facebook marketing techniques for turning Likers into leads.

After recently launching a new online program (with Audrey Thomas of ChickChat Coaching) we had our first sale within four minutes of posting about the program on Facebook. Here’s how we helped convert our social networks into customers, and how you can too.

Build their trust

You’ll do this via the consistent delivery of great content. Be real. Be approachable. ‘Value add’ by posting original, varied and enticing updates that show people you know what you’re on about – and then stick around to chat about it.

Check out this article for tips on Facebook engagement and do all of that first if you want to turn your Likers into leads.

Once you’ve developed a loyal ‘tribe’, introduce some ‘sales’ posts amidst what should always be a majority of updates providing free value, humour or tips. The most gentle way to convince people to check out what you sell is through giving away more free stuff, so…

Tempt them with an irresistible free opt-in

It’s great to be swamped with admiration on social media but the cooler place to have people hang out is on your email distribution list. That’s where the action happens. It’s where you can lavish your leads with even more great free value, and offer them your paid products or services in a way that they expect in advance, because they signed up for it.

Coax your Likers across to your website by offering a free opt-in that they can’t resist. It could be a report or eBook or video training series or questionnaire – whatever it is, pack it with value and make it irresistible to your ideal client.

Have the opt-in sign-up box in a prominent place on your site, above the ‘fold’ (before readers have to scroll down) and mention it in various other locations (e.g. after blog posts, where you can offer both an opportunity to comment and an opportunity to subscribe for more updates). Conduct a search for “Website opt-in’ for tonnes of advice on how to do this, and various plug-ins and tools to make it happen.

Embed an opt-in form for your newsletter database in one of your Facebook tabs and include mention of the offer in your Timeline cover pic. (At the time of writing this article, we are allowed to do this – but do keep an eye on Facebook’s business guidelines and rules to avoid any nasty surprises.) If you don’t know how to implement this technically, check out a site like for inexpensive design and assistance.

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Weave mention of your paid services into value-laden posts

Provide a couple of paragraphs of helpful tips, and add a footer link to your upcoming (relevant) workshop. Share a humorous personal anecdote, and suggest that if people would like to keep in touch, they can sign up for your newsletters in the link attached. Encourage conversations about relevant topics by asking questions and getting involved in the thread, which sometimes opens an opportunity to draw people’s attention to a product or service.

It’s about ‘choosing your moment’. Ill-placed plugs, or too many of them, will have people hovering over that ‘unlike’ button before you can hit ‘share’.

If a heap of new people have recently liked your page, take the opportunity to introduce yourself and let them know about your free opt-in and other key services. Those who are ‘regulars’ won’t mind, and it may nudge a few of them over to your website if they haven’t already visited.

Build the case that you’re the subject-matter expert

If you’ve been quoted in a newspaper, magazine, journal or on a website like this one, say so! Don’t just provide a link – pull out the key points or quotes and share those too. Encourage a discussion about the content and participate in it fully – taking the opportunity to further persuade your audience of your credentials and skills by the quality of the comments you provide.

Share testimonials every so often, and don’t be afraid to seek advice from your Likers about what they’d like to see more or less of. Occasionally ask what’s working for them, and what isn’t and take their advice on board.

Invite people to contact you via your website for further information, or for advice on pricing or packages. It’s polite to take this discussion elsewhere, and tempts people to find out more by getting in touch.

When you’re chatting with them then by email, over the phone or in person – ask them if they’d like to be added to your mailing list. Then keep in touch with them directly.

Use Facebook for specific campaigns

If you have a new offering that you’re keen to sell to your Likers, announce it specifically. You may like to promote certain posts via Facebook’s advertising features, and engage in other marketing such as offering a free webinar to provide more value, and an invitation to join your program or buy your product.

Depending on your product, the best way to reach an audience in the long-term is through your mailing list, but Facebook likers can be a great source of ‘viral’ advertising if they love your idea.

Don’t be afraid to ask people to share the news for you – but never expect them to do this unless it’s something they support and believe in. People will tend to trust their friends with recommendations over the suggestion of a stranger so never underestimate the value of the ‘nudge’ effect. (“I like this – you might too!”)

Don’t go crazy selling your latest shiny thing – people are primarily with you for the advice, conversation or entertainment that you’re providing, which takes us back to point #1 – build trust. And point #2 – invite them over to your website…

Above all – turn your Likers into leads by putting yourself in their shoes and giving them exactly what they want. Watch for their feedback in terms of post engagement – liking, commenting and sharing – and give them more of whatever resonates – with both barrels.

What are your Facebook marketing tips for turning Likers into leads?

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