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How to write a slogan for your small business

- October 1, 2013 2 MIN READ

Slogans give business names and brands some instant oomph and make your message stick in customers’ minds. Here’s how to create one for your small business.

The important ingredients

The important ingredients for your slogan are:

  • Description
  • Persuasion
  • Brand recognition
  • Creativity (so that it’s memorable)

You may not be able to include all the ingredients, and in some cases it won’t be necessary to do so. Other times, you will, and with dazzling effect.

A practical example

When writing your slogan, answer the following questions. (I’m going to answer the following questions using Flying Solo as an example).

How can I describe the business?

Micro business community.

(The team at Flying Solo have already described their business, and indeed, ‘Micro business community’ is their current slogan. These words capture the essence of everything that Flying Solo is, and does).

What are the benefits?

If you: subscribe to the Flying Solo newsletter, read their articles, take part in their forums, become a community member or Business Class member, you will learn an enormous amount about all aspects of micro business. As a result, you can take your business to the next level.

Also, where previously you may have felt alone running your own micro business, you can now feel part of a supportive community.

How is the business unique?

Flying Solo has an enormous reservoir of quality content about all areas of micro business, from how to look after your customers, to how to look after your mind, body and soul.

They have a team of real people behind their business who consistently share their stories and experiences.

They have thousands of happy members!

To make the slogan brand recognisable, I can… 

Include words like ‘Flying’, ‘Fly’, ‘Solo’, ‘Soar’ and so on. These words link back to the name ‘Flying Solo’.

To be creative I can…

Create double meanings with some of the brand-recognisable words.

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Get writing

Now that I’ve established the answers, I can write some slogan concepts.

If you already have a logo then your slogan may need to fit in with the design. With the Flying Solo example, I chose to use five words or less to fit in with the Flying Solo logo badge. However, a slogan can contain up to 10 words.

Flying Solo slogan concepts

Keep in mind, I don’t pretend that the below concepts are anything magnificent or award winning. They’re just practical examples to show you how I’ve converted my answers into effective business slogans, so that you can do the same for your business.

  • Micro business community. Stress less. Soar more.
  • Micro business community. Mind. Body. Solo.
  • Micro business community. Check in. Take off.
  • Micro business community. Work smarter. Fly higher.
  • Micro business community. 50,000+ members. We’re massively micro.

 Ready to give it a go?

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