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The hottest debates of 2011

- December 19, 2011 2 MIN READ

Today I’m reflecting on the big hairy topics that were hotly debated in the Flying Solo forums this year. The questions and answers may surprise you.

A staggering statistic?

Shocked forum member The Copy Chick said: “…as a consumer it blows me away that more than half of Australian businesses don’t have an online presence”. While some argued the statistic, a fascinating discussion followed about why businesses hold back online, and whether in fact all businesses really do need a website. Read the full debate.

Do we put too much emphasis on online marketing?

Bluepenguin was in a flap: “I’ve been thinking about how much money, energy and time I’ve spent in the last couple of years on my website, social media and email marketing. I’m starting to think that maybe some of us are putting too many eggs in that basket”. He wasn’t alone in his thinking. Read why.

“What do you do?”

MarketingHQ challenges you to put your answer to the test: “Does it grab people’s attention? Does it end the conversation? Or does it naturally flow onto the next question which should be ‘That’s interesting, how do you do that?’” Read tips, examples or add your own.

You’ve got a business plan, right?

While most agreed it’s a good idea, not everyone has one, and even more are gathering dust. While conceding that ‘plans are guesses’, Adam Stanecki outlined his snappy structure for a one page business plan. Read more.

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Are entrepreneurs born or made?

An oldie but a goodie, BMasterminds opened up this Pandora’s Box a while ago. B Cooper responded: “Entrepreneurs cannot be born, only influenced. Read the book Talent is Overrated”. Others cited a combination of factors such as innate skills, parenting, luck, passion and more.

What else has been going on this year in the forums?

There have been hundreds more brilliant threads this year. King frankly wondered How naïve are you? We debated the pitfalls and opportunities of parallel importing and discussed discounting when faced with competitive price wars.

A huge thanks to all our wonderful members for contributing to the Flying Solo forums and community this year – all sticky-taped together by Jayne Tancred, our FS Concierge extraordinaire.

Here’s to the next 90,000 posts.

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