How a marketing plan delivers business treasure

- August 7, 2023 3 MIN READ
marketing plan concept : boat sets sail towards distant treasure,

Ahoy there, fellow business adventurers. Picture your business voyage as a daring sea expedition. You’ve got a grand vision, a sturdy ship, and a crew full of enthusiasm. But hold on, something’s missing – your map to the treasure!, shares Amy Miocevich, marketing expert and the author of  The Very Good Marketing Guide.

Well, fear not, for in the realm of business, a marketing plan is your trusty compass. It will help you navigate the treacherous waters of the market, steering you toward your goals with confidence in your sails.

But a good marketing plan isn’t your typical X-marks-the-spot treasure map. It won’t lead you to a pot of gold right off the bat. After all, marketing is a voyage into the unknown for every business, and no map can predict all the twists and turns you’ll encounter. But just like a sailor relies on a compass to guide them through the vast expanse of the sea, a well-crafted marketing plan can be your guiding light in the stormy sea of uncertainty.

Setting sail with clear business goals

Marketing plans are only as good as the goals that you have set to plan towards. Much like a voyage, there needs to be a destination in order to understand whether you are going in the right direction at all. Every good marketing plan has clear (and S.M.A.R.T) goals at the end of the rainbow. If you aren’t sure where you’re going you wont know whether you’re on the right path at all.

 Marketing plans are a compass not a map

Any seaman knows that there is no point chartering a course towards any destination without some kind of compass helping you take steps along the way. A marketing plan is very similar. Without one for your business there is no way of knowing where to go. However, the important part of this tale is that a marketing plan is more like your compass than your map. Just like exploring new lands, marketing requires a lot of trial and error. Even the biggest companies in the world consistently try new things in order to achieve growth, and locking yourself into a specific path only means you can’t pivot and change when obstacles or decisions come up along the way.

Your course should start easy and end with treacherous waters

Leaving the harbour is usually the easy part of any journey. Such is the start of your marketing plan. The seas are open and your task is to identify where your biggest struggle is so you can begin overcoming it. The deeper and further you get, you will have harder decisions to make and trickier skills to learn. If you start with the hard things first, you may miss lower-hanging fruit that can really set you sailing on a better trajectory.

For example, good marketing plans start with identifying your biggest bottleneck in your customer journey. Often improving that to the exclusion of everything else ensures you can completely change the performance of your business as you make the most out of every new stranger being introduced to your company.

Your compass keeps you on track

As you traverse the business seas, you’ll encounter various marketing islands – social media isles, content creation shores, and SEO atolls, to name a few. Each offers its own set of treasures, waiting for you to uncover. Your marketing compass will guide you, showing you which islands are worth exploring to reach your goals and stop you getting distracted.

One thing’s for sure, though – as you gain experience and your business voyage continues, your marketing compass will become more refined. The compass won’t point to an end destination, but it will lead you to a deeper understanding of your customers and your market. It’ll help you become a seasoned captain, steering your ship with more confidence and intuition.

So, my fellow business adventurers, as you embark on your thrilling voyage, remember the importance of your marketing plan – your trusty compass. Embrace the unknown with open arms, for it’s the unpredictable nature of marketing that makes the journey all the more exciting. Trust in your plan, adjust your sails, and set forth with unwavering determination. And who knows, you might just discover treasures beyond your wildest dreams! Bon voyage!

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