How good packaging design can increase your sales

- November 18, 2020 3 MIN READ

1: The Crucial First Impression

Whatever your product and target market, no-one can deny that it’s a crowded market out there. Whether browsing in person or online, perception of the packaging is a major driver as to whether a potential customer pauses for a more in-depth inspection or moves on to focus attention on your competition.

The savvy manufacturer knows that securing this emotional connection is vital to increase sales. You only need look at how major players regularly tinker with the look of their packaging to realise how powerful it can be (‘limited edition’ confectionary and beverage items are a great example of this).

Colour, font, shape and the material used for packaging are all attention-grabbing mediums that make the difference between clinching a sale or fading into obscurity…

2: It’s Not Just Packaging

A common mistake is to think about packaging as a separate entity to your product. This simply isn’t true. Instead, consider it an extension of your whole brand: packaging (both the look and the act of unwrapping it) should be part of the purchasing experience. 

Premium packaging doesn’t simply look good, it sends a subliminal message to the customer as to the quality of their purchase. In turn, this creates a subconscious connection between the brain and the product, increasing the chances that the customer will remember the product and the brand, and therefore buy again in the future.

3: Packaging Piques the Human Conscience

Today’s buying public certainly don’t make purchases solely based on  the price tag. A growing proportion want to be sure that our money is going towards companies that have a social responsibility, as well as making a profit. Sustainable packaging isn’t just nice to have, it’s fast becoming a necessity if you don’t want to alienate a significant proportion of your target market.

Compostable packaging is the gold-standard when it comes to sustainability. Add in printing methods with a zero-carbon footprint and you’ve got a key message that speaks right to the heart of the human conscience. Such messages score massive brownie points for an ever-growing army of consumers, so needs to highlighted and clearly communicated.

4: Packaging is Your Chance to ‘Speak’ to Your Customers

It’s all very well having a USP, but clear presentation of this to your target market is key. This is where the design element of packaging really comes into its own – it’s your first point of customer interaction, making it imperative that it communicates the key messages that make you stand out from your competition.

This is where you need to work with a highly experienced design team to ensure this is achieved. Many elements need to be taken into account to ensure you get this right, including:

  • Your customer demographic
  • The product itself (what it is, fragility, size etc.)
  • Company ethics
  • The brand image
  • Shipping needs

These are just a handful of the considerations necessary to construct a strategy by which the two or three key elements are easily and directly communicated to the customer within the first few seconds of looking at the packaging.

CrystalPack: Providing the Ultimate Packaging Solution in WA

The emotional impact and added value of product presentation should never be under-estimated. Partnering with a company who works with you to fine-tune every element, ensuring your packaging truly speaks to your customer demographic, is a critical aspect of growing sales. 

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