How I got 1.1K Instagram followers in just 3 months

- October 29, 2019 2 MIN READ

I have managed to get 1.1k followers in just 3 months and I have the 1 big secret, not so secret that I am going to share with you today as to how I got that and it is called….

In case your name is actually Patrick starfish and you live under a rock, you should be aware of this and using this in your social media already.

But if not let me give you my _tips on engaging on Instagram.

1. Commenting

Let’s be honest no one is overly excited when they get a one word comment on their Instagram picture that you cant respond to. By one word I mean things like; cute, pretty, nice… those basic descriptive words that have zero depth. And this is clearly the case of someone trying to be engaging but do a very sad attempt at it. Here is a tip I have picked up that makes engaging through comments easier. If you see a post and you resonate with it and you instantly think of something you want to say to it, then you should comment. Don’t comment just for the sake of commenting, be thoughtful! Think about when you get comments, wouldn’t you rather people take the time and respond because they resonant or love something about your image or the story you are telling in your caption… or do you enjoy get a one word zero depth comment that you cant engage back with?

2. Stories

If you follow me you know I love my IG stories. People and businesses feeds have become precious and very branded, IG stories can be like this too but you can be a little more personable through your stories. Some engaging ways I use my stories is through short videos, using the poll and question functions and shooting behind the scenes photos of the production process or everyday moments in my life. This helps to not just create engagement with your audience but it creates connection. You also get to learn about your audience through the questions you ask and better build your business to direct it to these people.

3. Hashtags

I am honestly fairly slack with putting hashtags on but my VB (Virtual best friend) Tori Kopke, commented on the fact I don’t use hashtags in one of our first meetings. MY tips on choosing which hashtags to use are:

– think like you audience – use hashtags you think your audience may search

– Use Plann to plan your hashtags – Plann app provides you with suggestions as to which hashtags are more likely to be found and looked at.

As I said Instagram is a constantly changing platform, these tips may change slightly but in any business engagement is key. Whether it’s online, in person or over the phone, people want to feel loved or a part of your business.

 This post was written by Samantha Meurant, host of  The Rural Compass podcast for LinkedIn and is republished here with her permission.