How to create a purpose-led brand that attracts Gen Z and Millennials

- November 1, 2022 3 MIN READ
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As a 19-year-old social media marketing expert and founder of Blacker Media, Patrick Blacker knows the ins and outs of attracting Millennial and Gen Z buyers to brands. He explains how leading with purpose is the best way to attract this savvy new generation of consumers.

According to Afterpay research, Millennials and Generation Z currently account for 36 per cent of total retail spending, which is likely to reach close to 50 per cent by the end of the decade.

This presents a unique new challenge for brands, with this relatively new consumer demographic reacting incredibly differently to other consumer demographics.

Brands must utilise marketing strategies such as social media and influencer marketing to transact, as opposed to previous generations’ heavy use of bricks and mortar.

3 ways to create a purpose-led brand that Gen Z and Millennials love

Creating brands with purpose is critical to attracting Gen Z and Millennials; here are some tips we share with and execute with our clients at Blacker Media.

1. Create your brand tone – and own it

There’s no point trying to create a cookie-cutter corporate brand. Quite simply – it won’t resonate with younger audiences. With Gen Z and Millennials exposed to the rise of influencers and alternative news sources, you need to find a way to cut through.

A fundamental way to do this is by creating a personality behind your brand that is aligned with your values and product or service offering – while also putting some life behind it.

It’s critical that once you implement this, you keep it consistent to reap the benefits in the long run. 

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2. Don’t be afraid to break the rules

Always wanted to rebel? Now’s your chance. Some of the best campaigns and activities I’ve seen across social media in the last 12-18 months would have been deemed unacceptable five years ago. The game has changed, and your brand must too.

Own your brand tone by breaking the rules – don’t be scared to make a cheeky comment about a current event, tag a competitor, or distribute something a bit shameless or tongue-in-cheek.

RYANAIR in the UK is the perfect current example of a business implementing this strategy.

3. Trust is essential and may be different to how you’d perceive it

If you think trust is all about Google reviews – forget it. Trust is one of the most critical aspects of a Gen Z / Millennial’s purchasing decision. In today’s day and age, trust is built through various mediums, including product education, use cases and influencer marketing.

A strategy that is currently trending includes user-generated product-based reviews. These videos tend to show positive and negative thoughts, creating authenticity. They also have people – internal staff or externally engaged micro-influencers – share their honest opinions on the product.

Furthermore, running genuine sales and campaigns with minimal clickbait is essential. For example, don’t say ’25 per cent off!’ and then, in the fine print, say that it only covers three items; that’s an easy way to lose a Gen Z / Millennial customer forever.

The above are just three ways to ensure that your brand has a purpose and communicates effectively to Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Give them a try, experiment and find what works best for your brand.

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