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How to find (just about) any email address you need in 5 minutes or less

- August 18, 2021 3 MIN READ
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Want to connect with someone but struggling to get hold of their email address? Here’s how you can find any email address in five minutes or less.

Whatever business you run, I’m sure that at some point you’ve needed – and perhaps struggled – to find someone’s email address. This isn’t surprising. Email addresses tend to be highly prized, tightly guarded digital pots of gold that can be so hard to find.

Not anymore.

I used to labour for hours to find certain email addresses. Until I came across a few little tools to speed up things up as well as a simple process I now always use when I want to find any email address.

Check the basics first

This may seem a little too obvious but before you start diving into using the tools I mention below, check the basics.

A lot of people include their email addresses on the Contact and About pages on their website. And don’t forget about Author pages or bios.

If you don’t have any luck there try a Google search by entering the first and last name of your contact followed by “email address”

No luck? Then get tooled up

The tools listed below are there to either help you brainstorm email formats, find an email or verify whether an email address is valid.

All are free – you’ll just need to open them in a browser, follow the instructions to register and then you’re away. Easy!

  5. – this tool will help verify email addresses once you think you have found what you’re looking for

Use the email address search tools

To use the tools I shared above you’ll need your contact’s first name, last name and domain name of their website.

For example, head over to ‘Voila Norbert’ and enter your contacts details then hit ‘Work for me Norbert’ at which point Norbert will go ahead and do his thing.

With any luck he’ll come back with an email address – if not, perform the same search with ‘Find Any Email’.

If the search comes back successful, skip the next step and go to ‘Verifying your email address’.

Further research

You’re nearly coming to the end of your search now if none of the previous tactics have worked.

Head over to Buzz Stream’s email research tool, enter the contacts details again. This time, the tool will generate a number of Google searches as a list to help you find their email.

Click each one in turn and check out the results.

Verifying your email address

At this stage, you should hopefully have one if not more potential email addresses for your target. But that doesn’t mean they’re valid.

To verify each email, open your email account – which now has your new Hubspot Sales extenson installed.

Compose a new email and simply enter your contacts email in the ‘To’ field.

A good indicator of your email being valid is if the right-hand sidebar starts populating with your contacts email, profile photo and sometimes Twitter stream (if they have a Twitter account associated with that email).

And if that doesn’t work or fill you with confidence, try MailTester – I’ve found it to be the most accurate method for verifying an email address.

Still on the hunt?

I’ve found that, for me, the above process works pretty well. Can I guarantee 100 per cent success for every contact you want to find within five minutes? I’m afraid I can’t.

But, for the most part one of the options should work, and save you a ton of time in the process.

Beyond the five minutes, there are a few other things you can try to find any email address such as using paid tools like Ninja Outreach, Buzz Stream and Spokeo.

Good luck with the Great Email Address Hunt!

This post was originally published on August 16 2019 and was last updated on August 18 2021.

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