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How to tag and mention people in photos comments and posts on LinkedIn

- October 20, 2021 5 MIN READ

Linkedin expert Karen Hollenbach shares how to tag people in photos, mention people and mention companies in posts and comments on LinkedIn.

Using the mention feature in posts and comments enables you to encourage a conversation or actively thank or recognise someone’s contribution on LinkedIn. Mentioning or tagging companies or your connections in this way can encourage engagement with your posts and comments and draw attention to your update.

We recommend you use this feature strategically, and avoid the temptation to mention 10+ people at the end of your LinkedIn post or tag 30 people in your photo just to get more traffic to your profile. There’s a classier way to get profile views [hint: activate Creator Mode and consistently share content that adds value to the community you serve on LinkedIn].

We’re not trying to deter you from using the tag or mention feature, and so when you want to mention a connection, LinkedIn member or company to thank them, to acknowledge something they have written or to highlight their contribution to or involvement with a recent event or online conference, here’s how to do it.

How to mention connections or colleagues in LinkedIn posts or comments

If you’d like to know how to mention or tag people in your LinkedIn Posts, here’s how:

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  1. On your LinkedIn homepage, click into the Share an article, photo, video or idea field or click Comment at the bottom of someone else’s post.
  2. Type “@” and then begin typing a name in the box. You’ll see a list of potential people you can mention.
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3. Click on the name of the person or people you want to mention from the list and continue typing your message.

After you select someone from the list and finish your post, that person will receive a notification letting them know you’ve mentioned them.

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Mentioning a company works the same way. LinkedIn page admins are then notified of the page mention and can like and comment as the LinkedIn page on your post.

When commenting on other people’s posts, the same format is followed. Once the dropdown menu allows you to choose and mention the correct name, you can then press the backspace button once and remove their surname, so just their first name is featured in the comment.

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The mention will notify your connections and the admins of the company’s LinkedIn page that your post or comment might be relevant to them. It is important to note that connections mentioned in your post or comment are associated with their profiles.

If you would like to remove a mention of yourself from a comment or post, here’s how. Viewers are also able to click on connection names to navigate to their profiles.

Tagging people in photos on LinkedIn

If you plan to tag someone in a photo you are posting in a LinkedIn update, and they are featured in this photo, we recommend you have their consent before you do so.

Here’s how to tag someone in a photo on LinkedIn

Let’s use the photo of my recent Lunch & Learn, as an example.

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  1. At the top of your homepage, click Photo in the share box.
  2. Select images you’d like to upload. You can select up to nine images for your post. In this case, I’ve chosen the photo below.
you can select up to nine images but you dont have to mention eberyone

3. Click Edit to make changes to the photo (a brand new feature – see image below for your options).

No alt text provided for this image

4. Click tag and then click on anywhere in the photo and type the name of the member you want to tag and click on the name to add the tag.

5. Repeat these steps to tag more people. You can tag up to 30 people per photo.

6. (Optional) Click Add Alt Text to describe the contents of your photo (see below). Adding alternative text makes your photo more accessible.

dont forget your alt text in your photo mentions

7. Click Done to preview.

8. Add a caption in the text box. The character limit for a post is 3000 characters.

9. Select who you want to share the post with.

10. Click Post.

Important things to Remember about Tagging People in Photos, Mentions or Tagging Connections, Colleagues or Company Pages on LinkedIn

  • The size limit for a photo upload is 5 MB.
  • LinkedIn recommends the image be at least 552 (w) x 276 (h) pixels. Small, low-resolution photos may appear low-quality.
  • Image frame ratio ranges from 3:1 to 4:5 (width/height). If the ratio is larger, the image will be centred and cropped.
  • Uploaded images can now be edited.
  • Tagged photos become linked with the associated members’ profiles and tagging people notifies those members that your photo might be relevant to them.
  • While tagging people in your photos also encourages engagement with your images, tread carefully. The same principles apply to tagging photos as mentioning people in posts or comments. LinkedIn members don’t need to be your connection in order to mention you or be mentioned by you (as you can see in the example above, when I typed in @Sheree, the drop down menu included 1st degree connections and 2nd degree connections)
  • Some LinkedIn members may have removed the ability for you to mention them in this way. Learn more here about how to change this in your privacy & settings
  • A company can only be mentioned if it has created a LinkedIn page
  • The Mentions feature is not available for articles published on the LinkedIn publishing platform. However when you press ‘publish’ on your article, you can mention people in the update.
  • You can also edit your posts and comments to add a mention after you have posted it.
  • The mention and tag feature should be used sparingly and only mention and tag connections and companies relevant to your post topic.

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