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- May 24, 2015 6 MIN READ

Flying Solo: How to go it alone in business is a book that gives you the tools you need to start your own venture, or totally rejuvenate one that’s been ticking along for years. See reviews and order now.

Combining tons of motivational and practical advice, it explores the habits and behaviours of successful soloists; explodes some of the myths of marketing, time management, online success and networking; and helps you thrive as a solo or micro business owner.

Written in our familiar, upbeat style, this revisited version includes advice on mastering the online world, optimising your money-making potential and crafting a business that runs itself.

Plus we’ve added even more case histories and real-life examples from our wonderful solo and micro business community.

It can be all yours for $24.95 + postage, packing & handling. Total price for Australian buyers,  $29.70, lovingly delivered to your door.

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What readers say

It’s all about the social proof! So here are a selection of comments – including official reviews and spontaneous feedback – from readers of the original Flying Solo – How to go it alone in business. 

If you’re on your own, and not sure what’s up next, read this book and wake up to the possibilities it presents.
Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth

A stirring and sane manifesto for working – and living! – better in the 21st century.
Carl Honoré, author of  In Praise of Slow

A remarkable book…sure to fill its readers with inspiration…
Joanna Tovia, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Australia

Flying Solo is an outstanding guide to venturing out on your own. Prepare to take notes!
Dan Pink, author of Free Agent Nation and A Whole New Mind

Opening up Flying Solo is like having coffee with a good friend…I would recommend it to anyone contemplating a shift to starting their own business.
Angela James for

Flying Solo … is a really handy, readable guide written by experienced soloists…The book shows what’s required of you practically and psychologically to work successfully for yourself…This is a great book for anyone struggling to find purpose in traditional jobs.
Melinda Finch from Human Resources Magazine, Australia

This book is a delight! Cheerful and upbeat while staying rooted in the practicalities of running a solo business, it is also inspiring and motivational as it tackles such issues as the importance of attitude, how to embrace uncertainty and the criticality of staying aligned with your passions in designing your work… Flying Solo is my recommended read for aspiring and new solo entrepreneurs, or those who  may have lost sight of the reason they went solo in the first place.
Terri Zwierzynski from

This is an excellent book for the solo professional or business owner or for anyone thinking about going solo. It is written in a friendly, almost chatty style and given the seriousness of the content has an amazing lightness of touch. The advice here is highly professional and appropriate – all sound and much of it brilliant. An excellent contribution.
Des Walsh from

With practical advice and inside knowledge into how successful soloists have achieved, there is plenty in Flying Solo to guide you…anyone who needs a change in their lifestyle…should definitely have a thorough read.
eBalmain & eParramatta Magazines  Sydney, NSW

Wow, what a great book! The more I work through it the more is revealed to me to assist me on my evolving solo journey. Thanks for such a helpful contribution.
Doug O’ Hara from Sydney, New South Wales

The book is fantastic. I have learnt so much from it.
Liz May from Byron Bay, New South Wales

Most business books for soloists concentrate on the logistics of how to set up the business. Booring! Flying Solo is an inside-out approach to business thinking rather than outside in. Very powerful.
Paul J. Morris from Sydney, New South Wales

I’d like to say how fantastic your book is – it really speaks to me at this point in my business and personal revolution. I recommended it strongly to a friend who was starting out on his solo journey and he bought a copy last week!
Dr. Chris Kang from Kelvin Grove, Australia

Flying Solo hits the nail right on the head. You have written this book with people like me in mind and I have enjoyed reading it from cover to cover twice now. Thanks for your insight and inspiration.
Gordon Whiteside from Melbourne, Victoria

I must say your book is exactly the sort of advice, guidance and inspiration I have been searching for. In my opinion it taps the true essence of what really matters in business. I have followed the exercises in the book which have helped crystalise what it is I’m going to do. It has provided a tangible map and timeframe for my business, which in turn really translates into more confidence. It will be kept close by for an ongoing reference.
Adam Leach from Gold Coast, Australia

Thank you for your book. I love it and it has helped me through moments of stress and desperation!
Ciel Fuller from Brisbane, Australia

I’ve recently read your new book and loved it. I am right in the process of starting up my own company and the advice in the book is making a big contribution to the way I think about things and set things up.
Mathew Patterson from Sutherland, New South Wales

What a great book, congratulations! It’s so practical and accessible and devoid of “new corp speak”. I’m not yet a soloist but I’m planning for down the track and feel like I’m in good hands! Thank you for writing something so incredibly useful!
Lyndel Donaldson from Sydney, New South Wales

I just wanted to let you know that Flying Solo has helped this soloist jump all the mind/logistics hurdles and tackle my solo venture head on. I bought the book..while still working full time and read it straight through – very inspiring! Now that I’ve actually made the leap…I’m using it as my  main ‘business bible’ going back over each section and doing the hard work involved in getting the basics right.
Chris Black from Melbourne, Victoria

Flying Solo…is a gem… The business advice is simple, practical and full of heart and humour yet addresses beautifully the real and often less obvious stuff, about the challenges of small business.
Wendy Buckingham, author Ready Set Goal!

I like the myth busting and accessible style of the writing. So many of these books come across as preachy and self-laudatory, whereas Flying Solo is constructive, positive and friendly.
Emma Maconick from Auckland, New Zealand

I found it brilliant and, my favourite word empowering! All of this brilliance for less than twenty bucks!
Karen Morath from Melbourne, Victoria

Thanks for writing such a useful tool for the modern day ‘soloist’. I’ve been running my own independent sales firm for a year now, and had hit a wall where the business was running me, instead of me running the business. Adjustments have been made, thanks to your input, and we plan to start ‘flying’ again from hereon in. Once again, much appreciated.
Dave Dwyer from Glenbrook, Australia

I bought your book yesterday and am mighty impressed…The thing that impresses me the most and is truly useful to me is the amount of examples you use. 
Darryl Butler from Acton, ACT

To get your business soaring, read Flying Solo… 
Editorial from Madison Magazine, Australia

Thank you for putting me back in touch with the reasons I chose to work in my own company! I started reading Flying Solo the other night and really enjoyed it – an incredibly readable book full of positive self-feedback.
Maureen Norman from South Australia

I am giving Flying Solo to my three uni student daughters as compulsory reading alongside Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I don’t want them to choose any “institutional” or “corporate” career path before they have properly investigated flying solo in some enterprise of their own.
Marianne van Dijk from Broken Hill, New South Wales

I am giving my friend a copy of Flying Solo. I am positive it will lift his spirits, but more importantly it will confirm in his own mind that he is making the right decision. No-one should attempt to run a solo business without first heeding the advice in this wonderful book.
Tony Stevenson from Hobart, Tasmania

Congratulations to you and Sam on your book, Flying Solo.  It is wonderful.
Jill Cooter from Adelaide, South Australia

It is a great book, easy to read and lots of practical information and ideas.
Kate Marsh from Sydney, New South Wales

It was my pleasure reading Flying Solo. It was thoroughly inspiring, exciting, informative, stimulating and enjoyable read. I love your energy, motivation, passion and style, and also the great tips, so a huge thank you for sharing your fascinating insights, knowledge and experience.
Karen Low from Queensland