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LinkedIn is a tool not a strategy

- September 11, 2020 2 MIN READ

I read an article recently by Alan Jones, that pretty much told small business owners that LinkedIn is controlled by an algorithm that essentially means we are doomed to fail in making the most out of LinkedIn unless we do what LinkedIn wants us to do.

A key comment made in this article was:

“What’s the point of adding even more people to my LinkedIn contacts if I don’t remember who they are and I’m unlikely to be able to stay in touch with them because the platform actually wants me to focus on the people it thinks get the highest engagement?

It makes no sense for you, or for me. 

I am curious as to why Alan still has a LinkedIn account if he believes it pretty much adds little to no value?

Of course LinkedIn has an algorithm, all social media platforms do. That is why the savvy people know how to use LinkedIn for their benefit whilst also adding value to the wider network.

Just so you know I was ranked a top LinkedIn profiler in 2015 ranking in the top 50 out of 7 million accounts. 

So, for those who want to maximise their LinkedIn and actually build a profile, educate and secure business, I suggest you ignore that article and read the below:

  1. LinkedIn is a tool (not a strategy). It needs to be one piece of your overall business strategy to connect, build relationships, remain connected to people (and industries) and also be a media outlet and profile builder.
  2. Connect with people you know and people you would like to a) work with one day b) you’d like them to know what you’re up to.
  3. It is not a numbers game but it IS a game nevertheless. Just like business, you need to know the formula for success. Always ask WHY are you posting this? What is your purpose? Who do you want to see it? Are you going to attract or detract people with this content?
  4. Speaking of content, LinkedIn is a content distribution channel. I have mentioned before that content is king but distribution is queen. Which means, if you write a great piece of information or you have a great newsworthy piece of data, it is irrelevant unless you distribute it (which is what LinkedIn is great for).
  5. Garbage in garbage out. Make sure you are always thinking about your market, your industry, your goals. If you educate people on what you know they are more likely going to respond. If you sell or complain, don’t expect a response or a positive one.
  6. Using LinkedIn to connect. I have secured multiple contracts via reaching out to people on LinkedIn. The key here is to know who you want to reach out to, know exactly what you are going to say (no selling, just informing) and keep it short.

Don’t expect LinkedIn (or anything else) to be a magic pill. And just like any relationship you need to put in the effort to get the traction. Do you research, develop your content and connect with quality over than just wanting quantity. 

And don’t take anyone’s word for it either (including mine), go out and try it for yourself. You gotta be in it to win it. 

This article was written by Amanda Rose, speaker, strategist, managing director and #BossLady

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