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How to lead in micro business

We often think of business leaders as CEOs and board directors, but it is possible to lead as a micro business owner.


My day-to-day work involves positioning business owners in public life, so I’m discerning about whether or not someone is a leader. I know many Flying Solo readers want to be seen as leaders, but aren’t sure how to make that happen.

To help in this area, I thought I’d share my leadership filters:

  • You imagine a better world and run an enterprise that works toward it.
  • You aren’t settling for what is, or what was, and won’t rest until what can be arrives.
  • You challenge clients to do better.
  • You push the market to a better vision and raise the bar.
  • You speak the truth when your industry is not doing enough to ensure there is social profit as well as a good share price.
  • You step up, sometimes uncomfortably.
  • You are aware of your responsibilities.
  • You use your affiliations and associations to influence for the better.
  • You explore and share your vision through writing.

I hope the above points help to put you on a path toward leadership, or help you identify people who genuinely lead.

"As a leader, you challenge clients to do better. You step up, sometimes uncomfortably. You are aware of your responsibilities."

The term leadership: Don’t wear it out

In my industry of Public Relations, some words and phrases get used until they’re worn out like tired leather. You’ve seen it too. All of a sudden everyone around you is “innovating” or becoming “engagement specialists” or “collaborators”. A word can be used so much it becomes virtually meaningless.

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Sadly, another word at risk of becoming meaningless is “leader”. I believe it should only be used to describe people who truly deserve the title, people who are actual leaders.

As a microbusiness owner you can be one of those leaders.

How do you perceive leaders in micro business? Do you have tips on how to lead?

Katie McMurray

is passionate about business publicity and creating authentic public profiles for business owners.


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