10 ways to shine on social media

Are you making the most of social media? In this video we pull apart the different social channels and figure out how and when to post for maximum effect.

What you’ll learn:

Social marketing butterfly, Kate Toon joins Robert Gerrish to reveal how to use social networking to boost your profile, attract ideal clients and set yourself apart from the competition. Using stacks of real-life examples and practical tips you’ll hear about the importance of imagery, video and other forms of content.

Choosing the right channels

With so many options, how do we know where best to spend our valuable time? Thankfully Kate has the answers and as a self-confessed ‘early adopter’ she’s giving just about everything a good solid roadtest. Benefit from our very own crash test dummy!

Timing activity for maximum impact

It’s one thing to choose the channels that deserve your attention, the next is to consider the timing of your interaction. Is first thing in the morning the best time to get attention…or perhaps mid afternoon or even early evening? The solution may be simpler than you think.

Avoiding ‘vanilla’ & finding your voice

Boring. Boring. Boring – is clearly not the perception we’re after! Kate helps us dig deep and find those things that cause us to speak up with passion. Engagement is the key in this space and cutting through the noise is essential.

Why being courageous works

Rattling cages takes guts, but as Kate explains the rewards can be extraordinary. You’ll hear how to speak your mind with losing it.

Presenter: Kate Toon

Kate Toon is not a social media expert. However, she uses social media a great deal and with great effect to promote her work as an SEO copywriter, consultant, mentor, speaker, trainer, podcaster and more recently, videographer.

She is the founder of The Clever Copywriting School, The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse and Co-presents The Hotcopy Podcast. She is interviewed by Robert Gerrish.


Audience feedback:

“Thanks for a very informative useful and well-produced webinar. Top marks to both Kate and Robert”  – Dave S

“Thank you so much Kate, Robert and Karen (well done on all the questions!!). Great webinar”  – Fiona B

“Thank you! What a great overview that was!” – Kenny O

“Thank you Robert, Kate and Karen for a fantastic webinar this morning… #lovedit” – Shae L



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