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Small business forums: Are you in?

Hundreds of people are taking part in the conversations on the Flying Solo micro and small business forums. But what are the business benefits in participating in online forums?


Managed correctly and used intelligently, participating in small business forums can help grow your network and business, whether you’re an established expert or a newbie.

Here are five ways small business forums can help your business:

1. Access to expert advice

It amazes me how generous many people are with their expertise. Online small business forums can provide valuable ideas, answers and opinions from a wide range of viewpoints.

2. Build your personal brand

Of course helping others also has a payback. Cluey online marketers know that establishing a credible online profile can put you at the top of the list when prospects need paid services.

3. Boost your search engine rankings

Posting relevant comments, links and articles on blogs, forums and social networking sites is all great fodder for search engines, and extends your reach well beyond your own website.

"It amazes me how generous many people are with their expertise."

4. Find an expert

When we were looking for a consultant to develop our forum, we jumped straight online to do some research. The forums were full of experts giving great advice and by asking a few questions we were soon able to determine who was a good fit..

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5. Connect, have fun and make friends

As solo and micro business owners it can get a little isolated in the home office. Small business forums can be like a water cooler offering news, gossip, entertainment and a welcome distraction from work. Sharing the load really does help.

Like anything, success requires some effort. Blatant self-promotion doesn’t work in forums, but if your contributions add real value to the conversation by being relevant and sincere, small business forums are a terrific way to build a reputation in your field.

Whether you’ve never tried one before or you’re a seasoned pro, we’d love to see you in amongst it at www.flyingsolo.com.au/forums. We won’t bite!

So come and take a look, then sign up and get posting.

Peter Crocker

looks after content at Flying Solo. As part of Business Copywriter he partners with digital agencies and corporate clients on websites and digital content. He's the co-author of Flying Solo Revisited: How to go it alone in business.


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