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Small business forums: Wisdom of the crowd

When we launched our small business forums, we didn’t expect to have over 900 posts up and running in the first ten days. Numbers aside, it’s what was being shared that was really amazing.


Here’s my pick:

Talk about the money, honey

There was a very lively thread running all about hourly rates and invoicing. This post from Ric Wilmott is indicative of the level of discussion:

If you respect and care for your clients; if you respect and care for yourself; tell the client:

– I will deliver to your objectives, as we agreed
– We will measure our success with these metrics, which cover both tangible and intangible factors
– The value to you of this will mean … (as explained to you by the client)
– And, the single investment you need to make, no matter how long or short it takes me to deliver to these standards, is $X.

“If it then takes you 5 hours or 8 hours or 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter. The client is protected, they have the results required achieved to the quality-level necessary – and you have been paid well for you efforts.

"There was a very lively thread running all about hourly rates and invoicing."

…and that’s just one of some great posts on the topic.

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Supportive words when things don’t go so well

One member shared the disappointing response to her recent product launch. Of over 20 encouraging responses, I loved this excerpt from Angela at Communic8 Design:

I know how you feel, it’s really disappointing when something we’ve had big hopes and plans for falls short of expectations.

What works one day may not work the next.

I guess you can learn from the experience and try not to get disheartened. We all know you’re great.

And finally, on the popular topic of procrastination

Contributor and forum member, Greg Pritchard shared a story he’d read where a guy put two computers, each at different ends of his office. One computer was for working, and one was for surfing and goofing off. In no way was he allowed to screw around on his work computer.

So what’s the best piece of advice you’ve picked up from small business forums? Post a comment and spill the beans.


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