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Top 400 LinkedIn hashtags on a plate

- April 24, 2020 2 MIN READ

In February this year I commenced a major project analysing LinkedIn hashtags. There was a raft of 50, 100 and some 200 lists available but nothing available over 200. And it was a real pain to know and decide which were the high performers to use. This is one area where the head overides gut instinct. Analytics matter.

Then COVID19 hit and it really took my hashtag research and analysis to another level of which I wrote about here on the crises hashtags.  Since publishing in March, the metrics have changed as expected.  What was also interesting was the observation of how many people where choosing their hashtags without critical analysis around working from home and similar topics.

This further fuelled my commitment to the reason why a Top 400 hashtag list and research was so important.  

I was thrilled to finalise the project on 14 April with updated metrics of hashtags over 60,000 Followers.  As a LinkedIn specialist and passionate topic hunter in media, I was very surprised at what hashtags made it to the lists and what didn’t.    

There is no way of knowing how many hashtags exist on the platform (LinkedIn themselves would know but hardly likely to share) and it’s dynamic.    Apart from the COVID crises there hasn’t been a great many new hashtags over the last few years that have hit the over 60K mark. This indicates that the trends are generally reliable albeit many new hashtags evolve that don’t hit the mark.  And hitting the mark of your ideal audience is key.

 Content on LinkedIn is KING and QUEEN… always has been and will continue to be.  The 6 weeks has seen an increase of content and traffic of circa 55% (mind you these figures are bandied around without specific LinkedIn confirmation).   

The type of content that is meaningful to members is individual to either educate, enlighten or entertain. And with the new world (which even after restrictions are lifted) will be ever drawn to emotional support and connection on social media and LinkedIn.     So the timing of my eBook release has been unknowingly ideal.  

The right hashtags are critical for both topic search, SEO & Google indexing, categorisation of content and cementing your key personal brand leadership.  The first 3 hashtags you use in posts and articles are part of the URL of that content so it pays to do it right. 

And don’t forget that creating a personal hashtag has a key golden goose benefit, apart from finding your own content.  It is the best workaround at the moment to ensure that the people who really want to see your stuff can prioritise their Feed with your content.  Encouraging people to follow a personalised branded hashtag does that. Until LinkedIn give a tool to prioritise the members we never want to miss out on, this is a cool stepping stone.

And your personal brand footprint grows, all without any hacking.

This eBook is a must have resource for content creators, marketers, brand managers, PR, digital agencies, copywriters, media, publishers  & everyone who seeks to maximise LinkedIn content and is more than affordable for circa 5 cups of coffee).   

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Hashtag eBook includes:


  • Guide & Tips 
  • Follower vs Posts Analysis
  • The Top 25 # List 
  • Top 400 # List – Numerical
  • Top 400 # List – Alphabetical

Enjoy, save time and reap more effective  distribution of your own and your clients content.  

Click here for further information and to grab your copy. 


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