Why you need to give any strategy 90 days to be effective

- January 20, 2021 2 MIN READ

I see you trying the latest trends. Jumping between Facebook lives. Deciding stories will be THE thing to bring you more business. Changing your mind to focus on email marketing. This flip-flopping between strategies is no way to grow your business. It makes no sense. You have no time to measure results or effectiveness.

Stop giving up on strategies and chasing new ones convinced the others didn’t work. The others didn’t work because you didn’t give them the time and space to work!

You need to give your audience time to adjust. Time to discover your new strategy, get used to it and then take action from there. Very few will react straight away to your new strategies in the first 30 days. What you are doing today, you will likely reap the benefits in 90-120 days.

That’s why you can’t flip flop constantly in your business. 

Instead, let’s focus on working a strategy until it works. Giving it a red hot crack. 

Over the course of 90 days you should be able to:

– Measure the effectiveness

– Develop systems

– Easily add to existing strategies

– Tweak the strategy to optimise

– Outsource elements

– Determine results

It is so important that you measure your strategies and analytics. 

  • Have you seen an increase in followers?
  • Have views gone up?
  • Has your conversion rate gone up?
  • Do you have a better click-through rate?

If we are constantly flipping through strategies. You won’t be able to measure the results and effectiveness of one single strategy. 

It will also feel incredibly hard to maintain the energy that is required to constantly try new strategies. There is a lot of brainpower that is going into the flip flop that you may not recognise. 

Think about showing up with a plan to execute your blog. A brainstorm content list, an execution process and a promotion process. All of that can easily be developed in a 90 day period. 

However, imagine doing all that work and then dropping the strategy after 30 days because you haven’t seen a result. You’ve literally poured an immense amount of time and effort down the drain because you didn’t see *instant* results.

I think we see throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it sticks a little too often. Or trying to do too many things at once and none of them well. 

I truly believe that it will set us up for burnout and limit our growth. It’s so exhausting from a mindset perspective to invest entirely into new strategies that end up not working a month later. 

We need to trust the process and trust ourselves. It’s all about backing our strategic decisions and maintaining focus.

Identify a strategy. Work it till it works. Add it to a pile of already working strategies. THEN start a new strategy. 

I often have to pull clients back when they tell me they have just started doing X and Y and Z. My question is usually why? And when the answer is because A or B wasn’t working. It feels much less strategic. 

Do you find yourself flip-flopping strategies? Going all-in and the. Changing your mind shortly later? Who is holding you accountable to accomplish your goals?

If you’d like some accountability, book a free chat with me and let’s uncover a way to make 90-day strategies work for you. 

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