Win or lose, entering awards can be good for your business

- November 15, 2021 3 MIN READ
awards winner

Learning and growth are valuable, but when entering awards, there is even more value for a business than you’d expect. Winning can be seen as a bonus, after all, it is the motivation behind all the work. However, along the way so much additional value is gained.

The benefits of entering awards

“When you enter an award it takes time, putting the submission together, going over the last twelve months of your business, the challenges you faced and the client triumphs that you have been a part of. It gives you not only motivation to keep doing what you are doing but also justifies the energy, sweat, hours and tears that you have put into making your business a reality, bringing your passion to life and knowing that you are making a real difference in how women, in particular, mothers view themselves and their lives,” says Katrina Wurm, a multiple award winner and Empowerment Coach.

Fiona Holmstrom, co-founder at STEM Punks and multiple award winner, and Kristy Moore, the owner of awarding winning travel agency, Travel Moore, agree that one of the most noteworthy benefits to a brand is that you gain credibility by entering an award.

Fiona says, “the credibility you gain in the business community is invaluable, as building a brand takes time (and money) so being visible in such prestigious awards as Telstra Awards and Stevie Awards definitely helps to bring your brand to the forefront. It also helps your customers to trust you when they’re deciding to buy from you.”

“Entering awards is a great opportunity to showcase our business and the innovative, exciting things that we are doing. It’s also great to be able to benchmark ourselves against other businesses that are doing really interesting things,” says Sarah Thapa, an award-winning immigration lawyer and CEO of The Migration Agency (TMA).

The Awards Process: Making it Count

 Making your award entry process count isn’t just about winning, but taking the networking opportunity to get your brand visible. Katrina Wurm has experienced this in her own award entry process, “as a solo entrepreneur working on my own, day after day, the knowledge that I am not only helping other women live their best life but I have been recognised for that on an international stage against the most amazing businesses, keeps me going.”

“It keeps me motivated to put myself out there, to keep learning and to keep pushing myself to be better because I have people who need what I have to offer. It is a humbling experience. On the days where things don’t go as planned, it reminds me that I need to show up because there are lives out there that need my message.”

It’s an opportunity for introspection and with that comes the right to stand back and actually marvel at what you have built. To acknowledge the work that has gone into this tremendous machine that is a business, regardless of its size. “For each award entered, I’ve been able to pat myself on the back & appreciate various things, but it’s also shown me where to improve – whether it be in the back end admin, guest correspondence, facilities provided or maintenance required.  Award submission always provides forward movement for my business,” says Dianne Fenton, the proud owner and CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Sea Horse Diamond Beach.

Sarah Thapa feels it’s also a great way to stimulate new thinking in the business, “the lessons we learn through the awards process keeps us pushing the limits and thinking about new and innovative ways that we can be solving problems for customers through our business. I also think that entering awards and raising the profile of our business will enable us to help more people who need our services because it shows that we are a brand that people can trust.”

How can you utilise your award win?

 Once you have won an award, it is paramount that you use it as something more spectacular than a paperweight or a dust collector. For many people, it is a big step to talk about their success and feel pride, it might feel too self-indulgent but remember that it is the business you are promoting. Use the attention as a PR tool and attract better business in a smarter, more refined approach, with the credibility of an award behind your name.

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