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If you're going to hire a marketer to help you grow your business, you want someone who has the skills, experience, team and a track record in results. I've been in marketing for more than 30 years and developed several successful businesses.

I have a wonderful team who help our clients become crystal clear about their brand, audience and goals; and then ensure our clients receive marketing campaigns and systems that achieve the marketing goals.

We start with a detailed plan, and build the marketing assets – like websites, email and social media campaigns to attract new customers. We also create clever strategies to deliver breathtaking customer service, great reviews, ongoing referrals and repeat business.

Along the way we help our clients fast track their marketing knowledge and skills so they can make informed choices and take control of their future.

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CEO, Commonsense Marketing

"You are not your customer. Find out what they really want and how they think, before you do anything." Andrew Grant


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