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Bill started out rewriting documents for his IT colleagues so the rest of the organisation could understand them. Since then he’s gone freelance, and is now a successful editor, copywriter and proofreader.

He’s edited articles, blog posts, books and ebooks, (including three books written by Flying Solo's very own Editor Kelly Exeter).

But his real passion is writing humour, and his latest venture (i.e. hare-brained scheme) is to become a copywriter who specialises in using humour to win over potential clients.

You can spot him pretty easily in a crowd. Just look for someone wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt. He’s also a compulsive hugger, so watch out.

But if there’s no Hawaiian shirt to be seen, you can probably find him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and his sharpercopy.com website.

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"Maturity is a crippling handicap for humor columnists. It’s like height for jockeys, or ethics for lawyers." Dave Barry


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