Christina Thomas

Kiozwi Handmade 801 High Street, THORNBURY, VIC, 3071

Natural scented candles, tea lights, melts and more to be enjoyed in your home, garden and workplace. Our Vision is to illuminate lives with Candlelight.


Kiozwi has grown from my passion for the creative … and finer quality of Soy Candles, into a passion to share my beautiful creations with others. Growing up things like linen, china, crystal and even candles were always kept for that “Special Occasion” that would never arrive. Now You can enjoy Kiozwi candles for any occasion.

With their soothing scents and calming ambiance, they are something to be shared and enjoyed every day! Kiozwi are produced in small batches, sometimes only 2-3 candles at once. Each product is poured by hand to ensure the highest quality is upheld in the creation of each individual soy candle, melts or soaps. Christina Thomas Kiozwi Kiozwi

Premium handmade soy candles gifts and toys for all ages

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