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Gary, and his business, Small Business Marketing Australia, exist to help you grow your business, help you make more money, so you can live the life you deserve. While the principles found in the Duct Tape Marketing System can help any small business improve their marketing efforts, Gary tends to work with service based businesses and professional services businesses.

Service providers face unique marketing challenges due to the intangible nature of the services they provide. These businesses must place more emphasis on developing trust and building relationships with their customers. Gary meets many service business owners who are frustrated and think that marketing does not work for their business. While often true for traditional marketing tactics, the systematic approach of Duct Tape Marketing is ideal for getting new customers to "Know, Like, and Trust" you.

Gary thrives and is inspired to work with business owners who are trying to accomplish more with their business than just creating a job for themselves. Gary's best successes are working with owners who use their businesses to improve the lives of their customers, employees, and the world they live in.

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