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Geoff is the Principal Consultant at Thexton Armstrong Daniel in Melbourne. He specialises in working long term with small businesses to help them increase their profits, growth and business value. Having founded, built and subsequently sold both small and medium sized businesses, Geoff is passionate about applying all he has learnt over his 20-year business career in helping others realise their dreams.

Unlike coaches and mentors that are largely theoretical and instructional in their approach, Geoff is all about hands-on, practical steps to business success. Specifically, Geoff can help you to identify your big picture, build a ‘living’ strategic business plan, identify and enter new markets, minimise expenses, outsource administration tasks, optimise internal processes and maximise your profits. When it comes to business, two heads are better than one!

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Business Success Partner

"There are theorists and there are "doers". The trouble with theorists is that the best ideas usually come from doing. Always back a "doer" with a good idea." - Geoff Daniel


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