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I'm a copywriter, content marketer, white hat SEO guy and inbound marketing specialist with a decade's experience.

As a service provider, I've helped businesses large and small find the right website traffic and sell: from venture capital funded tech startups in the USA through to sole trader electricians from Melbourne's outer suburbs. My career's taken me from writing copy for Australia's largest digital agency through to relying solely on the strength of my web content as a business owner.

I'm all about words and strategy – I'm here to help you find the right messages, find the right way to say them, and get them seen by the right people.

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Copywriter and Web Marketing Dude

"I used to say in the cabinet room, 'confidence is not like a can of Popeye spinach – you can't take the top off and swallow it down.' You know, confidence has to be earned." Paul Keating


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