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Jerome Rault is a Director and Producer, Cinematographer and Photographer.

His company Jerome Rault Media is a leading innovator in the media space. Jerome Rault Media is in production of a current affairs style TV programme, called the Jerome Rault Media Show, that features a unique new contributor model and funding structure. The show is designed to provide national screening opportunities for young journalists and filmmakers from across the globe, leveraging a bespoke funding model to bypass the very limited opportunities currently available to emerging journalists & filmmakers through the mainstream free-to-air TV channels.

From a creative perspective Jerome's fashion background and artistic interests inform his decisions. A graduate of Bond University's acclaimed film school, Jerome expertly fuses narrative and performance, amalgamating a refined and innovative theatrical and design perspective that manifests in his rich production style.  A proponent of the belief that filmmaking is equally valid as an art form as a business, Jerome emphasises achieving the right balance between the two.

Leveraging a business management career that lasted almost two decades before his move into media, Jerome also teaches business Diploma courses (and soon film-making courses) in Melbourne where he is based.

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