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SciBiz Media & Communications is an award-winning specialist in communications ‘engineering’ – we turn dials, pull levers and press buttons to create insightful and affordable communications solutions.

We help busy people by locking away all the devilish details in simple, product-based packages that are easy to understand and easy to manage, configuring a blueprint that creates a neat, nimble and effective promotional engine for your business.

Our roots are in communications for science, technology and innovation-based businesses, and for research agencies. We taregt the interface between innovation, business and the media, looking at the communication strategies and products needed for organisations to communicate with their clients or stakeholders.

Our unique product range has been developed over more than 15 years of working with research agencies and innovative businesses around Australia and the world.

On a personal note…

CEO Jess Tyler’s experience comes from a distinguished career working with some of Australia’s leading organisations such as the Australian Commission for the Future, the Australian Greenhouse Information Service, the Australian Antarctic Division, the National Oceans Office, many divisions of the CSIRO, a range of Special Research Centres and Cooperative Research centres, as well as leading innovations industry associations.

As a business owner of her own marketing and communications consultancy SciBiz Media & Communications, she has had the opportunity to work alongside some of Australia’s leading innovation-based companies, assisting them to realize their goals on an international stage.

She is a three-times finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and is a member of the Women Chiefs of Enterprise and Women on Boards.

Media and communications consultant

"Inspiration is for the mind. Expectation is for the body. Hope is for the soul." - John Berger


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