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Ken is an advocate for the rights of small business people to be effective contributors in society. This means keeping a close eye on how governments treat small business people and working with policy people, regulators, academics and influencers to mould government policy.

The consequence is that Ken is pretty knowledgable on how government works in relation to small business. That's his expertise. And he's not backward in speaking out.

"I'm proud that we've been influential in the spread of the Small Business Commissioners and the introduction of unfair contract laws for small business people. These are breakthroughs." says Ken.

Ken's background is small business. 20 years in retail mixed with being a union official, events promoter and more. Now much of his time is consulting to large businesses on dealing with small business people.

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Exec Director, Independent Contractors Australia

"When human beings relinquish their individuality and identity of their own volition, they are also relinquishing their claim to being human." John Paul Getty


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