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The single biggest mistake founders make when creating a business plan: "they start with a document rather than a proven planning process". Marcus created HyperQuestions to address this issue.

HyperQuestions take the user through a clear, structured planning process by using a series of very specific questions. The questions help you to zero in on key business issues, with your answers to early questions determining what later questions you will be asked. The HyperQuestion approach has been developed to enable anyone to create a better reasoned business plan faster. Using a proven planning process almost eliminates the endless iteration that usually accompanies the creation of a professional business plan.

The Business Planning HQ Toolkit is offered either directly to clients from the website or via a network of 12 distributors across Australia, UK and the US (accounting firms). Business Planning HQ continues to develop preferential relationships with key capital sources to offer a full service offering to its clients.

Marcus' LinkedIn profile is available here.  

Managing Director, BusinessPlanningHQ.com

"There are 3 kinds of companies: Those that make new things happen Those that watch new things happen Those that wonder what happened" - Anonymous.


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