Maria Pantalone Contributor

Infinite Growth New South Wales

Coaching services and workshops in the areas of communication skills, presentation skills, business writing and leadership development.


Maria Pantalone is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. She works with individuals and businesses to improve their communication skills so that they can professionally present their products and services with maximum impact.

In 2004, Maria founded Infinite Growth, a Sydney based consultancy specialising in helping businesses improve their people performance by providing them with tools to communicate more effectively. Infinite Growth's areas of expertise include communication skills, presentation skills, customer service, business writing and leadership development.

Programs are delivered as workshops or coaching sessions and are tailored to the client's needs enabling them to gain maximum benefit from our time together. A supportive learning environment is provided encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zone and become more confident in their communications with others.

Ultimately, it's all about helping people grow... Infinitely.

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Communications Consultant

"Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable" - Emily Guay

Communication skills for individuals and businesses


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