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Michael’s father was a writer, and he grew up in a house overflowing with books. Michael inherited his father’s love of words and writing, which is why he chose to work in publishing. From his first days working in small publishing house Wrightbooks to Managing Editor at John Wiley & Sons Australia, Michael has worked on many hundreds of books over 20-plus years.

In 2003, Michael declined a job offer from Penguin to become a freelance publishing provider, working with self-publishers and for many of the major publishing houses, including Oxford University Press, Random House, HardieGrant and RMIT Publishing. With experience in all areas of publishing from editing to printing to ebooks and bookshop distribution, Michael started Michael Hanrahan Publishing in 2014 to concentrate on helping small business owners self-publish their books. The business re-branded to Publish Central in 2019.

Publish Central is the leading provider of non-fiction self-publishing services in Australia, with a focus on high-quality books that help people stand out from their competitors, set them up as the experts in their field, and help them promote their businesses to a wider audience.

Michael has been featured on radio and podcasts, in magazines and in The Huffington Post, and has written a book and a practical guide on how to self-publish. He is also a regular presenter at the annual Small Press Network conference and co-founder of the Australian Business Book Awards.

Michael can be reached at: [email protected]

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