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Noel Ranger is a real Australian soloist operating a professional service business. Basically, if you pay his hourly rate he'll pretty much do whatever. He secretly loves it when people call him an entrepreneur. Although deep down he knows he is too lazy to put in the effort needed to grow a huge business. Noel hides his failure to build a fortune by trumpeting on about the importance of 'a balanced life'.

All his friends work for big corporates. Often, when he sits alone in his home office, he yearns for a BlackBerry, an expense account and an annual bonus. That's why he is so cynical about corporate life. He lives with his wife, kids and several large chips on his shoulder. He refers to himself as 'Big Noel'.

Facebook: facebook.com/BigNoelRanger

Twitter: twitter.com/BigNoelRanger

Email: [email protected]

Freelance consultant and entrepreneur

If at first you don't succeed, have a crack at something else.


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