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Peter Morgan is dedicated to creating a life he loves and inspiring others to do so too! With an international corporate background, he achieved success as a senior executive and consultant working with multinational businesses in Australia, the UK, and Continental Europe. He has also acted as a Coach, Mentor and Consultant to over 150 solo business start-ups.

In the last fifteen years he has dedicated himself to creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle, based on uncovering his fundamental values and living in integrity with them, examining what success is and where meaning, purpose and fulfilment fit in a modern lifestyle.

An experienced coach, group facilitator and trainer, Peter is gifted at inspiring others to see their own potential and life purpose, finding their direction and unblocking their creativity. As well as being a featured contributor for Flying Solo, Peter has also written and been featured in newspaper and magazine articles. He lives near Byron Bay, Northern NSW and has clients based in Sydney, Brisbane and overseas.

Personal and business coach, group facilitator and trainer

Work is love made visible - Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


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