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Rhondalynn believes that each one of us has the potential and ability to SEE, DO and HAVE anything we set our minds to! From humble beginnings and despite formidable obstacles, to success as a leader, writer and entrepreneur, she has learned what it takes to succeed in business (and in life).

She is a fully qualified lawyer, chartered accountant, clinical hypnotherapist and Master of NLP and is considered a leading expert at business acceleration, the power of influence and mental toughness. She is the author of “On The Shoulders of Giants” and “Financial Foreplay” and is featured on Channels 7 & 9, Sunday Life magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, 3AW, The Leader newspapers, Kochie's Business Builders, JoyFM, Dynamic Business, Fast Thinking, ThinkBIG, Aust. Anthill, Working Woman and many other national publications and programs in Australia and North America.

Managing Director

"Sometimes activity can be a kind of anesthesia for the pain of not achieving the results you want and deserve. Action is always better than procrastination. However, more activity is not always better than less."


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