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Roz Howland, the Productivity Professional runs programmes that will increase productivity in any business. Productivity isn’t necessarily about doing more stuff in less time. For many people it’s actually about doing less. Period. Whatever your goals, Roz teaches you the strategies, the tools and the mindset you need to get there.

Roz is privileged to regularly witness amazing changes in people's lives which are the direct result of higher levels of productivity: regaining control of your time, clarity in relationships, better sleep and better bottom lines! Do not underestimate the power of increased productivity!

Roz is based in Brisbane, and travels regularly to share her passion and expertise with businesses all over Australia. Her hands on work, workshops and public speaking are well sought after. Pick up some free tips on her website www.productivityprofessional.com.au.

Productivity Coach

Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right - Henry Ford


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