Sally Bruce Contributor


Sally is living her dream of balancing her working life between two of her passions: Aromatherapy and Acting. Sally believes one way to relieve stress is to slow down and take time to connect with nature.

As Director of her own Aromatherapy business, Aroma Botanica, she teaches how to use essential oils, which occur naturally in plants, to support physical and emotional healing, including stress relief. Within Aroma Botanica, she creates handcrafted body and soul care products, gives healing Aromatherapy treatments, and teaches through workshops and Aroma Botanica News, a free monthly email newsletter.

This career is balanced by her acting work. She is a regular on stage in theatres around Perth and also enjoys screen acting, script development and directing theatre.

Aromatherapist and actor

You have a solemn obligation to take care of yourself, because you never know when the world may need you - Rabbi Hillel


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