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Legal123 Pty Ltd Manly, NSW, 2095

Legal123.com.au specialises in providing inexpensive, easy-to-use legal agreements, forms and templates for everyday Australians.


Vanessa is the CEO, Founder and Practice Director of Legal123.com.au, which specialises in providing legal agreements, forms and templates to everyday Australians. The site offers easy-to-use, inexpensive legal templates that people can actually understand, are written in plain English with PDF instructions, videos, FAQs and walk-throughs.

We are also a law firm that provides custom legal work and, in particular, help startups and entrepreneurs to get up and running as well as assists with their everyday issues.

Vanessa set up Legal123.com.au after seeing friends, family and colleagues avoid lawyers because they were too expensive, too time consuming or too intimidating. She set out to change all that ...

Vanessa Emilio is a qualified Practice Director, Lawyer and Company Secretary in Australia with more than 16 years of legal experience. Vanessa has worked in management in a range of legal arenas, including Freehills, Macquarie Bank and Citibank.

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CEO and Practice Director-Lawyer

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