• I once lent a guy about $10 unsecured personal loan to start a business, it was a small retail shop selling milshakes/smoothies. I cant remember how much of his own money he put it, he had already spent it before borrowing the money.

    Why did I approve this?
    Because he was a long term customer of the branch, and had a successfull track record…[Read more]

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    I have seen several accounting cloud apps that do this by way of sending an invoice. Most of these seem to be using Stripe for that.

  • If you have a Company, Look at NAB and Bankwest for absolute fee free business bank accounts, which includes Debit cards.

    Otherwise if just a sole trader, you can use any personal account – it doesnt matter.

    I dont understand what you are looking for in regards to ‘like a bond on a credit card’