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    @jamesmillar how do I contact you directly?

    • Sure. You can contact my work mobile 0492 588 666 (we are in lockdown at moment). I have some meetings today but anytime tomorrow is fine. Cheers James

  • “You might be using reckon one – maybe if you could specify your exact subscription. Sometimes they also have watered down ledger / cash book only versions which are super cheap. I very much doubt any platform is offering the fully functional version (unlimited feeds, invoices, payroll etc) at a sustained price of $4pm. So let’s see what version y…[Read more]

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  • Thanks James – good advice. You said that the extra cost is marginal at $100 a year. I don’t understand this as I currently pay $4 a year and I would expect that a standard subscription would be about $300 a year. Is your estimate not taking into account the extremely low amount I pay for the subscription?

  • I’m looking to find a local accountant as I’ve moved (from Geelong to Melbourne) and potential changes in company structure may make me need to ‘visit’ our accountant more often than previously. Our previous accountants did do a good job but their hourly rate was prohibitively expensive, making me avoid calling them as much as possible. But they…[Read more]